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Partial Price List

Simple Pants or Skirt Hems                $15

Seam Repair - per seam                        $  3

Button reattach, your button             $  1

Zipper replacement                                 $20

Take in - Let out                                          $20

For most sewing projects, call me for an estimate.

  *These prices may vary according to the exact nature of the the garment and repair - for example :  pants cuffs, full skirts, difficult material, linings, extensive hand sewing  will cost more or several small seam repairs on one garment may cost less.

  Some prices are negotiable and I try to be fair according to the time it will take.

  Discounts are available

Sewing Lessons

Your clothing can be unique, fun, and beautiful! Your home could be full of things you made yourself!

Think how fun (and green) it could be to re-purpose old fabric items to something new.

Think how satisfying and economical it would be to be more self sufficient.

It does not take expensive equipment.

With a few easy lessons, a bit of practice, and a little imagination, you can make anything!

Lessons for Adults or Kids

Group rates available.

Materials provided by student.

Choose from the following options:

Single skill lessons for learning one skill or help with your existing project.


Begin a new project from scratch to complete over several sessions


 A full 13 lesson beginning sewing course which starts with learning to thread a needle and how to use your sewing machine and takes you at a comfortable pace thru various skills and techniques.  You will finish with skills and confidence to be able to sew many things and a good base for further learning.

Lessons in knitting, crochet, and EPP quilting also available.

Call to coordinate  503-534-6920

Custom Sewing

Whether it is  something special for the new baby, a formal for that special event,  new curtains, or something unusual, we put our expertise and creativity to work to provide you with quality workmanship and prompt service. 

If you want something made from cloth, I'm your person. I make, repair, and alter clothing from babies to formals. This includes formals and wedding dresses, casual clothes of any description, for ladies, children, and men. I also sew other things - table cloths, curtains, costumes, dolls and stuffed animals, leather goods, and more. I have experience in making all kinds of things. If you can think of it, I can probably sew it. If it's damaged I can probably fix it.

Mending & Alterations 

To Mend or not to Mend?

Broken zippers. Hems. A few broken stitches in a seam.   Everyday wear and tear takes its toll.  Like an oil change on your car, mending is  part of maintaining your clothing which allows your garments to be worn longer without the need of major repair.  The old adage of a stitch in time saves nine, means take care of things while they are small. The cost of clothing continues to rise, and getting the most out of what we already have is an economically sound principle. Our thrifty grandparents used to say, "fix it up, use it up, wear it out, pass it down." People today have a throwaway mindset that is neither economically nor environmentally sound. Deciding what to do with your favorite old clothing is much more than figuring the cost of replacement. 

So, how do you decide?  The following questions should provide help:
•  Is the garment worth repairing? (It is your favorite for a reason!)
•  Is the fabric is too worn to hold the repair?
•  How much does it need to be repaired or altered?
•  Will it be worn after it is mended or altered?
•  Can you afford to replace it right now? 

Whatever you do, don’t just let unused clothes sit in the closet. Repair, alter, or pass them down.  Closet space is valuable!

Sewing Machine  Repair

Most sewing machine problems are because of improper threading, tension, or lint and threads down in the machine.   These things are easily  fixed.  I enjoy working on sewing machines, especially the older ones.  I have  had dozens that I have bought and refurbished.  I will clean and oil your machine, and show you the proper threading pattern for about $25.  .  . Call me about your machine's problems.   503-534-6920